Saturday, March 27, 2010

Me and my pitchfork!

OK Dan and Granny!  I'm in ... I love my pitchfork ... and it's used everyday in the garden!  But alas, not for gardening!  You see my pitchfork is a baby bird maker ... and each and every year I 'hatch' at least one nestful of babies ... wrens, chicadees, and even a batch of meadow mice!

I enjoy it daily as it sits outside my kitchen window and brings me alot of pleasure as I watch my 'reality show'!  Move over Mark Burnett!

Now as for the shoes - goodness only knows what's been collected on there!  Today proved to be another day for gumboots.  Even found a little mouse with my son which we fed acorns and water before gently sending her on her way home to her family ...

So Dan, not as handsome as you look (alot like Paul Newman on his cookies I'd like to say), and Granny, definately not the Sultry Madonna glamour shot on your blog either ... but at least I can say ... you showed me yours, and I showed you mine!


  1. Well that's a cool use for a fork! Very nice :-)

  2. Awww, you are adorable, and your fork/birdhouse is adorable! I have birdhouses all over, too. Well, two in the garden and three on the shelf in the shed, still waiting to be painted. Anyway, thank you for showing us yours! When I get a moment to spare (after the laundry room redo), I'll blog our collage!

  3. Thanks Dan! But I shall have to contemplate getting a functional one for the garden ... I can see there may be some good uses for it!

    Thanks Granny! Happy painting and I look forward to seeing the collage!

  4. Gidday Mom! I gave one to my mum also and she took it back to Ontario with her and put it in her garden. The very next day she had 'tenants' ... seems to be popular with the birds! Thanks Mom!

  5. Fantastic! I can't wait to see more.

  6. Thanks Ribbit! I'm looking forward to seeing Granny's collage! Take care ...