Monday, March 22, 2010

A weekend made for gardening!

I bet you're thinking we worked on the kitchen ... AGAIN!  But alas, no!!!! 

Firstly we installed 2 new loos.  Hubby did most of the work, I was the assistant and kept him company.  The new loos are white, high efficiency duel flush - nice, but don't match the 70's pink, grey and beige interior - translation - once the kitchen is finished, I have more major projects!!!  And if you would like an explaination on the duel flush, my son will tell you "the half moon is for pee and the full moon is for poop" ...

After installing 2 new loos in the bathrooms, we took all our efforts outside and made the most of this spazzy weather.  An acre of land keeps us very busy ... Cody and Pierre detached the lawn with the help of Bumblebee - our ride on lawn mower, and then picked up the loose dry lawn matter.  After detaching they spread iron to natually help with the growth of the lawn,

We raked up lots of leftover leaves from the fall.  I finished cleaning up all the vege beds and the surrounding areas.  Cody was excited to see the snow peas starting to come through the soil.

I have yet to start tidying up the perennial garden beds.  That's going to be doosy in itself! 

Hubby was a great help building the hoop house!  This year I plan on a year round harvest, so I'm very excited to see how this is all going to work!

The hoop house is made out of electrical piping as it withstands the temperatures better than the pretty white pvc.  The frame is attached with pipe clips to the existing bed and then held together with electrical ties.

 I'm still looking for clips to hold the plastic on with, but I'm sure I'll find something before too long!  I felt like Goldy Locks at Lowes - that ones too big, that ones too small!

Then I made up a potatoe growing frame.  I found some offcuts, measured them - 24 inches and screwed them together to make 2 layers.

Found some left over weed mat and stapled it to the bottom of one.  Placed them by my beds and filled both of them up with the remaining 'good compost' dirt!  One to grow potatoes in and one to add when the potatoes get higher.  I'll temporarily put some flowers in until the potatoes are ready.

I cut cardboard boxes(12 inches wide) to make better walkways in the vege gardens (waiting to build the kitchen cabinets so I'll have the cardboard for the rest of the garden).  

I made boxes to go around the bases of the birdhouses for planting climbers in (still have 2 more to make), filled up the bird feeders, cleaned up the birdbaths and moved the soil accordingly  ...

The great thing about the weekend was being able to enjoy all our meals outside in the warmth of the day!  I just wished I had more hours in each day!  The body feels tired, yet very good!

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