Monday, March 8, 2010

Business Trip!

One of my favourite tidbits of 'work speaks' when my hubby comes home are the words ... work is sending me to ???????   Translation ... we're going on a fieldtrip!  We thought we were going to Korea this year, but were pleasantly surprised with a trip to the UK instead!

So this last couple of weeks I've been trying to fit in making a 3 week itinary fieldtrip to London, England!  It's quite one thing to plan a tip away when it's just yourselves, but to keep a 7 year old happy is quite another!  Needless to say, Legoland is one of our trips highlights planned ... as is the zoo!

The other piece of the puzzle is how to travel on a shoestring!  Obviously hubby is very well taken care of - hotel, taxis, business class flights, food delic and much more - but Cody and me, well, we're the luggage handlers ... sandwiches, public transportation, economy flights,  lots of parks - you get the picture!  But worth every effort and wouldn't change the opportunity for anything!

We're also thinking of going to Paris for one of the week-ends - taking the chunnel - yeah!  And coming back via Rome ...

With the kitchen still in the middle of reno (over the hump now and see the light at the end of the tunnel), spring gardening in tow, school in full session ... well, it's going to be a crazy month!!!


  1. That sounds SO AWESOME Kiwi! I wish my husband would go to fun places but, alas, he's just in Baltimore right now---not quite the same as London and Paris!

  2. Baltimore is fun! I'm sure if you took the gang down there, there would be lots to do. It's very different going to do stuff when it's just you and hubby, but as you well know, there are zoos and musuems everywhere ... and hopefully good weather and a beach! Ha!