Monday, March 15, 2010

Hurry up and wait!

That's what it feels like!  We're in 'limbo' with the kitchen renovation.  This weekend we once again made our deadline.  The pole is resized to perfection - thus making my husband a very happy chappy!

The window is ready to go - bar one more application of corking ... The walls 100% and that miserable popcorn ceiling is completly off ready for the 'professionals' to come and mud, sand, plaster ... so we're waiting.

You'd never guess just how hard it is to get good help at an affordable price.  I can tell you the folks in the mudding business definately aren't going through a depression!  I can also tell you they are in no particular hurry for business either ... if you need mudding, plan months in advance ....

Here we have the tools to complete the job ... and here we have the popcorn!  Popcorn anyone?  Unsalted!

Couldn't we do this ourselves?  You ask - well yes, we could, however, 2 major factors come into play.  Firstly - this is one really messy, dusty job, combined that with asthma - not good!  Secondly - the ceiling is so large and we're not so confident that we can get the perfect look we are wanting.  I for one don't want to be doing and redoing the ceiling until it is perfect!!!!

Never fear, we have plenty of other projects to keep us busy in the mean time!  


  1. It's a slow process; my kitchen took a year to complete, so hang on in there. It's those last few details that kill the time.

  2. Thanks for your encouragement! Hubby is eager to get started on the master bathroom next ... crap!