Thursday, March 25, 2010

Seriously challenged!

When it comes to electronics, I'm seriously challenged!!  Take the new video camera my hubby just got me.  It's so pretty ... small, going to be great on our trip to Europe ... but I gave it a 'try' yesterday and after uploading (not me, hubby) it turned out to be a disaster!

No surprise really ... but it was rather hilarious!  Needless to say, I don't have much time to figure it out.  And it doesn't help when my 7 year old, who hasn't seen it either, picks it up and shows me what to do!  So what I'm hearing is: 'no mama, you do it like this!'

Shameful really when you think about it!  The only reason I can load pictures on my blog is if I take them on my iphone - and even then my friend had to show me an 'easy' way to do that!!!  As for using the computer, well ... that's entirely another comic show!

So I'm thinking, wouldn't it be great if I could 'show' you some video of our travels?  I don't know how, but I know it has to be possible ...

It would look like this ... we're off to London to see the Queen ... OOOOPPPPPSSS ... that was surposed to be a picture of her face!  Disgraceful!

Anyways, that's the plan ... but I still may have to depend on my trusty iphone ... tried and true ... either way, I'll get some pics to you!


  1. Well, if you'd like I can come to London with you and help! Fabulous city... have fun!

  2. Dirty Girl Gardening ... London with a seven year old is absolutely fabulous ... zoos, Legoland, toy stores, parks, museums ... looking forward to it ... I could always use a luggage handler!!! By the way, I love your site ... where are you located? Thanks for visiting :D

  3. Just load up on SDHC cards, and worry about handling the video when you get home and have more time.

    When you're in London, make sure to visit Borough Market - I go there to buy one thing and end up spending hundreds of pounds! If you're mobile, give London Zoo a miss and head out for Whipsnade; it's by far the superior site. Also, get along to Kew; yes, it's commercial, but it really is a good day out.

    Don't forget a nice supper of pie, mash and eels!

  4. Thanks IG! I will definately take your advice! And I need to look into Whipsnade, the Borough Market and Kew ... thanks for the thumbs up! Eels reminds me of when we were kids, we caught one and my Gran cooked it up with chips - eels and chips - arrrhhh she made good chips (need I say more ;D) But I'll be having my fill of good old fish and chips - wraped in newspaper - always tastes best that way!!!! Yum! Thanks again, and who knows, maybe you'll see a funny pair of folks at the Borough Market, and it just might be Cody and me!

  5. They've banned fish and chips in newspaper; you'll have to go without yesterday's news I'm afraid!

  6. That's outragious! No newspaper?! There goes the flavour! I checked out the sites! Awesome - thanks! Anything with insects, snakes, spiders, mamals, etc brings excitement to my son! In fact a couple years ago we went to Scotland - stayed right next to Edinborough castle, but alas no, the BEST part of the trip was a visit to the insect and bug place - about 1/2 hours bus ride out of the city!

    Thanks again IG!