Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wordless Wednesday on Thursday! 8th April 2010

So here is my first 'Wordless Wednesday'!  I know it's not Wednesday, but really that about sums it up!  I've been a tad busy with the kitchen reno, teaching school, socializing, karate mum, Easter bunny,  getting ready to fly to the UK tomorrow ... so I figured, pictures may best describe a little of my world!

So here is a sample of my seeds on the left - viable and now 50 plants to be planted tomorrow before I hope on the plane - and on the right - the dead and dying!  Decided next year none of this premade nonsense - its just cups and containers for me!  Took me a long time to transplant into these cups!

The seeds were looking sickly and needed more light - so rather than spend a bomb for more grow lights, I used alluminum to cover the lights and wouldn't you know it - they loved it!

Then don't for the kitchen ... while hubby was in the UK on business, we had rain, and rain, and then more rain ... so I became a human sump pump with my wet vac - around the clock - trying to hold the water at bay in the basement ... I did win this round! 

So here's 'date night'!  I spent my time priming the ceiling and walls - all ready to paint ...

Painting done!  Frustrating trip to IKEA for the cabinets.  A weekend 'dryfitting' the cabinets and hanging the cabinets.  80% of the cabinets built.  And now it waits ... not sure for how long ...

Now back to laundry, packing, and all those wonderful other things that need to be done.  Not sure when I'll get back to you, but will try!  And to my facebook friends, I'll try to update when I'm in a wireless site!  My first 'Wordless Wednesday' - on Thursday - with words! 

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