Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hoist away!

Interestingly enough, we moved from 'shell' to 'room' status last weekend ... sadly enough, we're still recovering!

This last week-end however, we had a 'secret weapon' - our friend - Greg Rushton!  Thank you Mr Greg!  Mr Greg came and assisted us with putting up the ceiling and the walls on Sunday!  His help made the difference of the ceiling fully up, or just still in the process!!!! 

On Friday morning, we had the 12 foot ceiling boards delivered - they arrived before 7 am (image the door bell ringing and everyone - except Cody - in bed ... trying to get a sleepin ... it did give us a great start for the rest of the day!!!).  Pierre had taken another vacation day to expedite the process.  Cody had 2 karate graduation ceremonies, so that took up Friday evening and Saturday morning - and just to make the mix more interesting, my Mum was here for the week from Canada ...

Don't forget Smoko break!!! Just how you want the house to look when you have company over!

Then that same evening, Pierre went and rented the 'drywall ceiling lift helper ' for lack of the right tool term ... it looks like this ...

You can see Greg hard at work!   Doesn't he make it look easy????  That rented tool from Home Depot was awesome!  Those 12 ft sheetrock boards are very fragile and can break just like that!  So once the sheetrock was loaded, there was no more holding, and it made the job much quicker and smoother!  Definately worth the rental!!!

You can see Greg putting in supports.  These supports are going to hold the cabinets in place.

So it's about 9 pm now and we're putting the kitchen back so that we can function until the next week-end!  Our bodies ach!  My arms are still sore ... the house still is covered with layers of dust - cleaning continues to be a nightmare ... laundry keeps mounting - it's at K1 proportions!!!!

So this weekend we're planning on tweeking some stuff, revisiting the window, completing the 'shell' by finishing the walls, removing the remaining popcorn off the rest of the ceiling (blugh!!!!) - and as we have a contemporary home, that means alot of popcorn - in time for the plaster to come and give our kitchen a pretty 'skin'.  There, that should keep us busy!  But will we complete everything we need to do ??????  I guess we'll have to wait and see ....

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