Friday, March 26, 2010

My Husband thinks I'm a Wack Job!

Ha Ha!  I probably am ... what is 'normal' anyways ... ???

What I can say is .... I LOVE my new solar powered lights that I now have in my Vegetable garden!!!  LOVE them - all 8 of them ... they are in fake rocks ... got them on clearance from Costcos for next to nothing last year ...

As I was lovingly installing them last weekend he wanted to know why on earth I would want solar power lights in my vege garden.  He doesn't get it ... but as I look out my window at night, my vege patch is lit up like the stars!  And only what I can call 'gardeners joy' - fills my heart when I see them.

You can see one of them by his feet in the photo above as he was helping me build the hoop house ... next to a kale plant that survived the harsh winter ... and in the photo below you can see them at the back of one of the beds ...

Interestingly enough, and fortunately for me, he loves me in spite of me ... and graciously rearranged the solar power lights so that they function better to meet my vege gardens layout.  And also has it set up so that once I have the hoop house being utilized for my Winter harvest, I'll have 2 lights inside so I can see what I'm doing!

But he would like to know (and I really don't know if he does) "what kind of person puts Solar Power lights in their vegetable garden?" 


  1. I'd ask "What type of person wouldn't want solar lights in their garden?" I've always wanted them in mine, and I do have them along the veggie beds in Arizona. If I find a great buy on them, I'll have them in this garden, too!

  2. You are crazy and that's why we all love you. By the way, I found my clips at the Job Lot. They have a few different sizes for about 90 cents a piece.

  3. Granny - you have great taste! I'm about to post my fork for you ...

    The Mom - thanks so much for the thumbs up! I found them at the Job Lot and they fit perfectly around my piping! Now I'm good to go with the plastic ... I can't wait to see how it goes and I'm glad to have a 'buddy' to do it with :D Thanks!

  4. Thanks Kerry ... glad they are raised beds with all this weather!!!