Thursday, February 25, 2010

Going into this week-end!

One of the things that I love to see is my son being involved in our ongoing projects.  Poor kid just thinks this is what all families do ... but I can't get enough of watching him work with his dad!

I just love this picture!  Recently we were winterizing our windows.  Pulling them out and putting insulation around and in the frames.  This actually not only insulated the windows, but also has reduced the noise from outside ... anyways, in this picture, Cody is actually supervising!

This past week-end, the boys built the sink counter together! 

Anyways, it was just awesome to see them work together and have fun!  This past week-end PJ took vacation days so we worked Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday .... then the evenings during the week ... tonight we're chilaxing!  Ready for another full week-end.

We pulled down the remaining walls, pulled off the popcorn ceiling, put up the new sink bench and sink with the temporary plumbing, and took down the ceiling. 

I must mention that I really, really, really dislike taking popcorn off the popcorn ceilings.  Why would I do that? you ask ... well, we needed to find the screws holding the sheetrock up - so the popcorn must come down.  Sad to say, my hubby would like the entire house free of popcorn ceilings!!!  It is a brain dead job - spray with water, wait 3 minutes and scrap with a texture scraper.

Sooooo glad to have the reverse osmosis back!  Didn't know just how much I would miss it!  I use it for cooking, cleaning the veges, drinking ... and the taste is the best! 

Here's what we're looking like as we go into this week-end ...

No walls and no ceiling ... National Lumber will be delivering our load tomorrow!  We have a little more to do before we are ready for the sheetrock to go up, but we're aiming for having a ceiling and walls by the end of the week-end!  We also need to rent a couple of tools from Home Depot to hoist the sheetrock up to the ceiling! 

We're very lucky to have a good friend come over to help put the sheetrock up (yeah and thank you).  So with an extra hand, it might actually happen!

So, it's time for some shut eye ... ready for another do-it-yourself day tomorrow!


  1. Looking good! How is Mum liking the chaos?

  2. Mum's loving the new look! She's a good sport about the chaos! :D