Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What day is it anyway????

Each day for breakfast we start with Organic eggs (from my friends Moonsong farm - yum!) and Turkey bacon with a nice homemade cafe late. We drink raw milk and try very hard to eat a nutritious organic diet. My son loves his bacon.

This Tuesday morning was no different until Cody looked at my plate and must have noticed that my plate was short my share of bacon this morning as indeed it was. To my surprise my son reached over to my plate with a share of his portion. I was dumbfounded!!! I asked him 'why?' ... his response was my performance appraisal ... because you are a good mum today and everyday. Priceless! It was refreshing to get a positive appraisal.

I think that ongoing performance appraisals are important as they help us measure what we have done and where we plan on going. This wonderful moment quickly passed as we taxied PJ to the train, did school, ran errands, met friends to go see the 'UP' movie in 3D and before I knew it my mind was living my Wednesday schedule. And I was racing to get home, cook dinner, go to the train to pick up PJ and pick up my milk and eggs from a friend on the way ...

Of course one must make sure that the milk and eggs have been delivered and that my mini co-op buddies are there for either the pick up/drop off - refrigerated goods ... so I phoned my friend L to see if I could stop by on the way and do my pick up. I left a message and then closer to the time, left another ... cell too ... it was getting close and I was going to let it go until Thursday - and then the light bulb came on ... how can tomorrow be Thursday when today is only Tuesday and how on earth did my days blend????

So I emailed my friend L and apologized for my brain fart and that I was a dork and that I was working on tomorrows schedule ... and I got this wonderfully gracious response:

dork = busy, devoted homeschooling Mom
knowing the day of the week is overrated!

Thanks L for your wonderful perspective :) I just love that definition!

Another really great thing today is that my friend H is doing Canning classes which I'm very excited about (Yeah H!!!) Will let you know about that when it happens ...

So that's my 'days' today. Not sure what tomorrow will bring, but glad to say, never a dull day!!!


  1. The kids never, ever remember what day it is---I'm fortunate that we get together with a family you know every Tuesday. Their name rhymes with "Tues", so we now say "Tuesday is "xxxsDay"! At least they know what they are doing one day of the week!

    See you at the canning class! Can't wait!

  2. Cody is right, you are a great mum! I never remember what day of the week it is either. I'm constantly checking to make sure I haven't forgotten to do something because I'm on the wrong day.