Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The fish that got away .... NOT!!!

As I write this, I'm still amazed at the strangest fishing experience I've ever had.

Today I was to install a beautiful new white Moen faucet in my mum's kitchen, but as I cannot find the water tap to turn off the water, I have to wait to install it later this week. So, instead Cody and myself went down to the lake (Mum lives on Lake Erie) decked out and carrying equipment to dig (his new gardening tools), stones to throw - not that we need them as there are plenty on the beach, bags to hold the sea glass - evidently lots of beer drinking in and around the lake make for a lot of sea glass - pretty much everything, except the fishing rods and equipment!!!

Cody's fishing experiences to date have been very frustrating for him with the exception of fishing on the iphone. So he was determined that he wasn't flying home from his Amma's until he had caught a big fish.

So, after building a moat around a rock, playing battleships, skipping stones and saving Gypsy Moth Caterpillars that were heading for immersion, we were looking for sea glass. Cody was following behind me when he let out a frightening scream and nearly jumped out of his skin as a giant fish found him!!!

It was over 2 feet long and I'm guessing with a 10 inch waist. I have no clue what type of fish it was, but it was big!!! The fish was scared, and Cody wanted to make sure that we go him back into the water as he had somehow beached himself. I could have scooped him up and carried him up for dinner ... instead I quickly found a strong stick and gently moved him into a little more water as he was gasping for air ... it was a battle to save him as he was so heavy. Fortunately I managed to get him out enough in the water that when the next wave came he finally could get his body erect and swim away. Cody was thrilled the giant fish was saved.

What are the odds that we would catch a fish without fishing? How bizarre is that? And what are the odds that the fish would luck out beaching next to the only people on the beach that the eye could see? And then, what are the odds that the fish found people who would care enough to get him back safely in the water?

.... so if Cody tells you he can catch a fish without a rod, he did. And if he tells you that the fish can pick you, they do. And if he tells you about the giant fish that got away - it didn't - it needed our help!!!!

And as for Cody and me, well ,we did the right thing.


  1. You will have to come fishing at my mom's pond---seriously, every single child caught a fish within 60 seconds, even when the bait fell off the hook!

    Love this story, by the way!

  2. That would be cool!!! That would be the level that both Cody and me need!!! He's convinced now that there's no use fishig as the fish are too big for the rod :) Lets me off the hook (excuse the pun :P )... heheheheee