Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Diet and Vacation don't mix!!

I was going to put ' Diet, excercise and Vacation don't mix' - but that was just too funny!!!!

For me the word vacation invokes grandures of - bikinis, beaches, catamarans, exotic locations, interesting peoples, delicious foods, clubing, living on a whim, and I could go on ... this was my world b.c. (before child).

Vacation to me now is cooking, cleaning, taxi-driving, laundry, cleaning up the vomit from my travel sick child, and early nights in (also mum's fix-it list when I'm with her). The 'glamour' part is a different scenery, beach if I'm with mum, shopping, and fitting a few activities that make vacation fun for Cody. Not that much different to being at home when I think of it!

Only when at mum's, there is no weight loss program in the world that you can stick too - not even starvation :) So here lies my dilemma. I fell off the weight maintenance wagon in lieu of a great vacation ... and with the flight home tomorrow ... the guilt is starting to flow my way! 2 weeks of piglet going to show once I step on the scales Thursday morning ... do you think my hubby will notice the difference?

Thursday I dust off the iphone and start with the 'Lose It' application once again, eat nutritious and healthy foods once again, and hopefully see a reduction in the numbers on the scale .... p-l-e-a-s-e ... once again.

As for exercise - that's a whole different kettle of fish! Will venture on that topic another day. I like to put excercise in the catagory - you can be healthy and not be fit, you can be fit and not be healthy - needless to say I like the first part :P

For all you folks who have a fast metabolism, good for you and this post won't mean a thing to you. For the rest of us who struggle with their weight, thanks for your empathy!

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