Monday, June 8, 2009

Go Fish Guys!

We're in Canada ... visiting my Mum at TripleC. So far, what a ride. The whole plane thing went smoothly this time (I know, we still have to get back, so don't talk tooooo soon!), but strangely enough, this time it was the Canadian Immigration that was rude!

My son has been wanting to see his favourite group - Go Fish - in concert and Grand Island, NY was the closest venue at the time. So we decided to visit Mum and go to the concert!

Go Fish is a trio of guys that sing kids music - but not how you would expect kids music to be sung! There music is a mixture of your normal kids song not sung normally and Sunday School songs. (Which I was expelled from when I was a kid :P )

It's music that doesn't drive me nuts, is funky, great to listen to, and is fun! Here's a song for all the 'Mommies' - . Their music is only available online or at their concerts ...

I will post photos when I get back to USA and have hubby's help. The concert was so much fun! Cody had a full aerobic workout! Because we had travelled so far to the concert, they gave us a backstage pass to meet the Go Fish guys. NICE guys! My mum was the oldest 'kid' there! Cody and myself both have kids T-Shirts to help us remember the concert. Anyways, I've checked their concert schedule again and it looks like there is a concert in CT some time in October that we might go to.

Our Fishing experience has had it's moments. We started with two fishing rods and are now down to one - again, will need hubby's help to get us back to two rods again! Cody is frustrated that the fish aren't all lined up to jump on the fishing hook ... but we have caught some fresh water weed on the line!!! Maybe this week our fishers luck will change! I think fishing on the iphone definately set up some false expectations!!!

We've shopped. A lot. Mum's been lavishing on Cody as is usual ... played mini golf, riding the golf cart, eating wonderfully fresh home made bread made specially for us, catching bugs and insects, working on my 'list to do' for mum - have a kitchen tap to install either today or tomorrow, playing Frisbee, watching a baby raccoon down at the lake, spending time on the beach collecting sea glass (can you call it sea glass if it's from the Lake?), and any other things. Today we'll be going to Waterloo to get the car fixed as the engine light is on. Hoping it's covered by the warranty.

So that's it in a nutshell. We're not doing a lot of any one thing, rather a lot of everything. As with all holidays, they seem to take ages to arrive and then once they come they seem to go too fast! So off I go to enjoy my day! Hope you enjoy your day too ...


  1. Sound like so much fun! We love Go Fish here as well. They're so funny. Noah wants to go fishing for real as well. Maybe we can go when you guys get back.

  2. Sounds like a plan! Hubby posted some nice photos at the sox game! You guys have been busy. Looing forward to seeing you when we get back! Take care ...