Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spring is in the house!

I actually wanted to say 'I have a baby' ... but that would have caused confusion!  But I really do ...

I have been watching the sucess of others and their seeds (planted somewhat around the same time) and feeling a little dejected as theirs have all grown profusely and I'm still looking at dirt!!!

Well folks, not this morning ... this morning I have a little baby sweet marjoram peeking it's pretty little head out!  And I'm extatic!

So there you have it ... barely visiable (evidently not visable in the photos!)  Not only did Cody and myself discover one little sprout, but 3 ladybugs ... protector of the newborn sprout!  You can see one on the above photo of the sticks on the upper left hand side.

I do try to keep spring during winter by bringing in and potting some my herbs over this time.  So I always have some fresh herbs to cook with should I so feel inclined!


This year I'm even trying to maintain some tropical plants in the house!  Thanks to the water globes, I'm having some success! 

So there you have it.  In the mids of it snowing outside, a tiny bit of green brings spring inside!  And a smile to my dial!


  1. Yeah!!! It is exciting to see those precious sprouts!!!!

  2. Thanks Toni! I just hope it makes it past the sprout stage! Take care ...