Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Trying to finish the vege grower ...

So I'm trying to finish off the vege seed grower ... finding the time has been a challenge!  However, I did get to do some more today ... here's how that went!

Getting my stuff together.

Measured the chain, used plyers to create hooks on either side of the chain for easier light mobility.

Drilled holes in the shelves with smallest drill bit I could find - measured to fit the grow light fixture.  Screwed in the small screw hooks.

Drill small holes (same drill bit as above) in the light fixture and screw in hooks.

Putting the light fixture up with the chains.

Shelves are almost ready for some action.  Still have to plug into a strip and set up the timer.

So I jumped ahead!!!!  Here's the exciting part ... and the scarey part!

I purchased some seed growers - but really don't know what size is for what.  So I got 3 different sizes and figured it's got to work somehow!   I planted Eggplants, Peppers, and some herbs ... trying my hand at documenting them ... and decided to use the bigger grow squares.  Now this is where I ran across an unsuspected hick up ... watering them!!!  I see there's a tray underneath, and they say to used warm water ... so up to the kitchen I go ... fill her up ... and then - OOOOHHHHHHHHhhhhhh.  How on earth am I going to get these flimsy plastic growers all the way down 2 levels to the basement???????

So out I go and find some plywood and mark it out into 24 inch pieces (worked out exactly - but not planned that way) used the circular saw and made a plywood 'tray' for each shelf!  So now I can move these flimsy grow containers if needed.  I have half a mind to get some cheap handles and that way they actually look and function more like real trays ... we'll see!  I might find some recycled ones yet!

So there you have it in a nut shell!  Almost there!  I did spray with a plastic sprayer from the top also ... guess we'll see tomorrow how the water has absorbed!

I didn't get to half my seeds and worry that I'm either over growing or undergrowing ... guess that's all part of learning!  Happy seed starting!


  1. Great job! One of the reasons I love having the grow lights in the school room, is that I don't have to juggle them up and down the stairs. Those are the same planters I got at job lot. So far so good on them. Don't worry when the peppers take forever to come up, that's normal. They can take 3 weeks or so to sprout.

  2. I still have no sign of life! ??????