Monday, June 21, 2010

Jock Strap!

Tonight we had a rather unexpected surprise at Karate ... somehow I didn't get the memo, but thankful to happen to have my camera in my handbag!

It turned out that it was Cody's graduation.  He performed with his classmates, broke a wooden board in 2 with his bare hands and was presented with the highest 'Ranger' honour of a solid Gold Belt.  This means he is now ready to commence his Leadership training in the young adult classes as of next week.   He also now wears a new fancy smancy uniform!!!  He's very self impressed and full of self accomplishment!  At this same time I needed to purchase his protective gear ...  

Yes, we (meaning Cody) had to 'inspect' in detail every item before we left the building ... it was so funny to watch - but my favourite was when he got to the Jock Strap ... 'mum, why to I have to wear one of these? (holding up a jock strap and using his normal speaks - aka loud) ... So quietly I tell him ... it's to protect your 'privates' (trying to keep anatomy talk to a minimum)  You see, I've never tried to hide or give cute names to his body parts - he's always called a spade a spade, and today evidently was going to be like every other day ....

Cody: what does it do?  How does it work?  Why would anyone try to hurt my penis?  As the body parts started to flow naturally from his mouth, the smiling and interested spectators started leaving like I had the plague .... evidently my answers did not satisfy him ...

And his questions didn't stop. Started again in the grocery store, and library ... and all the time in his 'quiet' voice! (Being scarcastic there!).

We got home and he was beside himself to inspect them further .... mum, he said, they look like undies! With pieces missing ...

Now, I myself having never seen a pair up close, intriged as much as he, and dying inside laughing whilst pretending all the time to be knowledgeable, slowly figuring how to put the piece in, you know, the hard bit, and then getting him try them on.  If only I could have captured the look of male reverence as he proudly displayed his new acquisition.  So I got a wooden spoon and proceeded to hit it. Big smile on his face.  Mamma, it doesn't hurt!!!  NOW he gets it!

I still haven't been able to explain well enough to satisfy his curiosity as to why girls don't use one ... Cody's logic dictates that girls have 'privates' too ... make sense to me ... ???

Anyways, proud of my little ones accomplishments and he looks like he's ready to take on the world!  Yea for all the Jock Straps out there!


  1. Oh my gosh... that's so funny Kiwi!

    Congratulations to Cody!

  2. Cody shows more intelligence than many adults. I applaud you for calling a spade a spade, or in this case, a jock strap a jock strap!

  3. Just wait Kiwi...until he's 15, 6'1.5" tall and asks you to pick him up a new one for football. Picture yourself wondering down the aisle at a total loss looking at all the different sizes & varieties (straps, briefs, compressin shorts, bioflex, ultra carbon flex…), when a young man asks if you need help. Your problem is that you have NO idea what size to get, without thinking, you look at the young man and say, "my son is about your size"... I couldn't get out of there fast enough!

  4. You could have just kicked him in the nuts; that's what my Dad did, and I understood the need for protection pretty quickly!

  5. I love this. And good for you on the wooden spoon test!

    I'd just tell him that women's privates are mostly inside, so we're more protected.

    And, I remember having to buy my husband "protection" when he got "fixed" and I came home with a jock strap---he sighed and said NOOOOOO, he needed some other thing that kind of held everything close and not moving. Apparently, another friend's wife did the same thing, so I've decided John needs to buy any protection for our little guy since I'm clearless clueless in this department!

  6. do you think mr mckeen wears one all the time. i mean when you've got a load of short people aiming for your gut but landing south of the abdomen . . . . . now that i know this, i don't worry so much about the boys missing the target.

  7. Toni - thanks! He's so proud of himself! Kisses his solid yellow belt all the time!

    Grannie - thanks! My favourite was when he was four and on my hip in Wholefoods on a insane weekend day when he yelled out - 'ouch mummy, you're hurting my scrotum!!!'

    Gidday Kris! Nice to 'meet' you ;) But you sure are scaring the bageebas out of me!!!! Deep breathes!!! Glad for the thumbs up ;)

    IG mate ... he thinks 'nuts' are for cracking - literally! I have explained the term to him, but he gave me that 'my mum doesn't know what she's talking about' look ...

    Miss Mom - our kids are awesome aren't they!

    Fairy odd mother ... ya know, I'm not wanting THAT kind of 'show and tell' with him .... if you know what I mean!

    Miss Stephanie - Mr McKeen is always smiling ... makes you wonder ?????

  8. LOL that is so funny. Kids, they always manage to keep us amused (at times)and on our toes. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Gidday Keewee! They grow up toooooo fast!

  10. Cool. This is the first "blog" I have ever read, and it's the best.
    Have you told him about El Rancho camp points and our win? Hehe.