Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Birth of a Marathon Runner!

I'm going to run a marathon!  There ... I said it!  And yes my friends are looking sideways at me - but that's ok!  

Why you ask?  How on earth did you get to that?

Well, while we were in London, England, the London Marathon took place - and it ran right by our hotel, so we were smack bang in the middle of it!  We went out and cheered for about 5 hours - I lost my voice ... absolutely did not think it would be very interesting ... instead had a ball of a time!!

Cody turns to Daddy and says, 'Daddy, why don't you run in the Marathon so we can cheer you on?'  Daddy replies ... 'oohhhh, Daddy couldn't do that, but Mummy can!' ... so there you have it ... 

So, I ask you, why not?  Yes, I'm starting out a little later in life, but some of those runners were in their 80's and I'm guessing they started somewhere!!!  For those of you who know me, I'm very determined once I commit to a task.  I'm not planning to WIN the marathon - although stranger things have happened - just to be in one and finish the line .... no pressure, running and walking when needing to!

I'm slow ... in fact you most likely can walk faster than I can run ... that's ok.  I'm there for me, not to race.  

There really are LOTS of benefits as I see it.  They include:

Great roll model for my son
Getting fit
Losing some flab - I hope
Gaining energy
Acomplishing goals

Here's the downside as I see it:

Finding the time to fit the excercise in
Paying to run in races (what's with that????)
Wear and tear on my body

So what have I done so far?  I started on the treadmill and eliptical while I was in London - walking of course!  Then slowing introducing the running.  20 mins on each.  Once I got home I dusted off the treadmill and have been using that to build up.

When I started I ran at a 4 miles per hour pace to find my groove ... which by the way took 6 weeks of making myself so it.  Once I found my groove, running became addictive.  What I mean by finding my groove is when you push a tad and can keep on running without having to stop for a walk.  My visual motivation that I watch on the treadmill is:

Calories burned

I'm not killing myself and constantly monitor my heart rate so as to manage my running.  After I returned from Europe, I went for my first 5k run with a friend and we had a blast!!!  She left in the dust and did a fabulous job!  I think I did good to ... well, for me I did and I was running ... and I crossed the finish line ... more amazingly, I wasn't last!!!

I ran my first 5 k in 46 minutes and I didn't kill myself.  I did however get a sore knee so now I'm on joint vitamins to help with the fluids in the knee.  That was the first time off the treadmill so it was a little rougher on my body.

I still have a lot to learn - but I'm going to do it!  It may take me a while to build up, but that's ok too.  My hubby has helped me get decked with 'real shoes', some clothes and most exciting was my generation 2 ishuffle!!!  Wouldn't mind the garmin type watch, but that can wait!!!  So, I look the part!

My friend was very encouraging before my first 5k when she told me that I have a ready won.   Standing at the start line when 99.9% of the worlds population wasn't ... all I had to do was finish the race.   

So, that's it in a nutshell.  I'm going to run a marathon!


  1. Kiwi, a few years ago a friend of mine did the London Marathon. He carried a ladder and had a bottle of beer at every mile post. It took him over 24 hours. They still gave him a medal. If he can do it, so can you.

  2. You're doing so well! I can't wait to see you run the marathon. Someday, maybe I'll have the gumption to join you. For now I'll sit on my arse and talk about it.

  3. I'm still so impressed by this! And, yes, I think you can do it! Good for you!

    and, I'm still doing a 5k in a couple of weeks if you want to join me again!
    ; )

  4. IG - we had such a fabulous time in London! Cody wants to go back to visit ... and it helps that there is Legoland - of course! I just didn't know there were so many 'Mike's' to cheer for! I'm very impressed with your mate - an accomplishment to say the least - the beer alone without the ladder!!! I'm assuming he didn't take anyone out in the process either ;) But I just loved how the course progressed along all the pubs and the crowd was just so vibrant and encourageing ... it was just awesome! I'd really, really love to do the London Marathon .... ?????

    Heather - I love that you talk about it ... and I'll pin you down yet! Now might not work for you, but I believe in you! And it doesn't have to be a marathon - I'd love your company for a 5k????

    Christina - I'd run with you any day! It was sooooo fun to do the 5 k with you!!!! My schedule is so far wacked - but if I can fit it in ... I'd love to do it!