Friday, February 11, 2011

Ode to Number 5

I'm off to the murder house for the extraction of number 5. It's a sad and stressful day as I say my farewell to number 5. She's been with me since she broke thru - for over 40 years - closer to 50! And what an amazing service she has given me. She's had 2 root canals and because she was so special - she even wore a crown. Does that make her a princess???? She was my second root canal while I was at university and back then cost me $240 ... a large sum for a stuggling student.

So at precisely 11.15 this morning I bid my feared and painful goodbye. And she's not just any extraction - no! You see for most of last year she had been broken and lost her crown ... so she exists purely as a root.

Hence the fear and trepidation as I imagine how number 5 is going to be extracted when she is unable to be gripped with plyers .... as for an implant ... well, that depends on the price - but my husband says he loves me with or without the tooth. (translation - I can think of better ways to spend $5000) ;)

Can I run my long run tomorrow? How long will she take to heal? Farewell number 5! I have appreciated your loyality over the years. You have been a wonderful friend.


  1. Oof Kiwi, goodbye to your #5! Hope it wasn't too painful and that you are happily running soon!

  2. As I read this I have a pain in my tooth aswell! I think Iwill be visiting the dentist next week too....Hope yor day yesterday went smooth...we missed you and Cody at the V-Day party, Mason was looking for Cody.