Saturday, April 10, 2010

Arriving in the UK!

We arrived safe and sound!  Deprived of sleep ... determined to continue without sleep until tonight ...

Firstly, the people speak funny ... I know, I know, the pot calling the kettle black ... but they do!  But comfortingly so, in an odd sort of way.  More like an old pair of compfy slippers ...

The Marriot - well lets just say - I'm drinking a very nice complimentary glass of wine from them as I type, with an apology note attached ... there's always a story!!!   Beware, spelling may deteriorate!

Taxi from airport hysterical - probably more so with all of 3 hours sleep in a 48 hour period!  I have yet to see all the horse and carriages, but we drove on both a single and double carriageway!  Don't you love it when your taxi driver (with GPS) gets lost????

Child very, very well behaved - 5 hours sleep in the same 48 hour period ... until that same 5 hours was over ... oh well ... tomorrow's a new day.

Husband looking very fresh after his business class flight - have you seen those funky fold out beds they have in British Airways for business class?  They rub it in, because as you board and go to find your seat, you have to go through all the 'happy' people getting ready for bed!  Oh well, it's probably more interesting travelling in the cheap seats ... I never fail to have a chuckle AFTER the fight!  I'm wondering what the poor French gentleman is thinking ... hmmmm ....

NO CROCS ... except the pair I was wearing!  My husband graciously pointed out that it was very obvious that we were 'visitors' ... seriously, not one pair of crocs either on the plane or anywhere to be seen in the Canary Wharf area.

Now I know you've all heard of 'mumbles' - ladies????  Need I say more???  Well, they now have mumbles for men!  They're everywhere disguised as men's suits!  I'm dying laughing ... really, a variant legging for men!  Don't know if this particlular fashion trend will cross the pond, but I think my hubby would like to participate!!!!!  All in the name of 'fashion'!

Eating is very, very expensive!  That may be one of the reasons Twiggy stayed so skinny all these years!   And the packaging is miniture!    I went to 3 different grocery stores today closeby to the hotel.  I dropped an easy 30 pounds (dollars, not weight - but that would have been preferable to drop!) and I'm still wondering what exactly I got for it????  Not a lot!  I purchased a 'gallon' of milk in a 'pint' container the same look - only cute and cubby, at the same price.  The hens here must be the reason for the Queen's wealth, as I'm convinced that 'organic' is code for 'golden' ... 

The place is wonderfully diverse and the people are very enjoyable to watch.   I'm looking forward to tomorrow - going to the 7 or 8 story toy shop aand taking the tourist bus around London sight seeing ... 

Now, I'm not sure when I'll next be able to get online - it's not a free service - rather and additional 80 pounds per week ... so hubby 'splurred' for a one day event!  But I promise to continue to enjoy myself thoroughly,   show Cody a wonderfu memory of a fabulous place, cook as am able, walk alot, and spend time with my family!

Tar rar for now!


  1. Have a wonderful trip Kiwi! You've made me laugh reading about your first day---can't wait to read about your entire trip!

  2. Oh, what fun! I'm grandfather was born in England, and many, many of my paternal and maternal ancestors came from there (and Scotland), so it has always been my wish to visit. Not to be, though. Only via the internet.

    Have a wonderful time :-)

  3. Thanks Christina! I'm hoping to get some more computer time!!!

    Gidday Granny! My freckles are from Scotland too ... my Mum is a Cameron!

    Thanks Granny!

  4. Buy nothing organic in England; they'll tear you a new arsehole for it! It is expensive, but you're in a very expensive part of town. If you want to buy anything on the street, learn to say "Bollocks" in an English accent. When they tell you the price just mutter it and turn to walk away. If they think you're a Londoner, the price more than halves.

    Also, if you want to look like a local, remember to NOT smile, ever. Unless, of course, you see someone get knocked off a bicycle!