Monday, January 25, 2010

Kitchen Reno!

It's been 2 week-ends now and we've started renovating the kitchen.  And by renovating, I really mean renovating!  So far as to take down a wall between the dinning room and the kitchen.

Who?  Meet the team:  little old me, my husband and my 7 year old son.  You may think that a 7 year old might not be a help, but Cody has been involved in our home improvement projects since he was able to talk and hold a tool.  In the past, his presence has slowed the job down, but our perserverence and time spent showing and allowing him to participate is starting to paid off - and we are really seeing his skills improving.  That being said, we monitor him very closely!!!!  But, he works and really enjoys it!  His favourite part of the job is the demolition!!!  He has a full set of safety wear (important!!!!), and is well versed with most tools.

We are replacing all the cabinets, moving the refridgerator, kitchen sink, stove and range hood/microwave with ventilation, diswasher and demolishing an entire wall, re doing some plumbing, hardwood flooring and installation.

Not too shabby for do-it-yourselfers!  Last week-end we lifted up the tiles.  We plan on recycling these tiles to another floor, so each tile was lovingly lifted slowly and painfully!  Each tile was 'scraped' using a chysal and hammer to remove the mortar.  Each tile took approximately 1 hour to lift ... but we are left with tiles to redo another floor alongside our sore aching backs!  We never finished the floor!

This week-end we completed the floor and started packing.  Sorting through the 'necessities' was no fun, nor was the packing!  We put up a temporary shelving unit so that is now holding the important stuff.  Interesting to see what I call important! 

Once the upper and lower cabinets were emptied - just the cabinets on the side of the kitchen attached to the wall that is coming down - we spent the rest of the day undo electrical outlets, strip lighting, removing both upper and lower cabinets as well as the bench.  Hubby kindly cut me 12 inches off the large bench so that I have a little ledge to put some dirty dishes.

We're ahead of schedule.  I can't often say that - typically we underestimate the job!  So I will say it while I have the opportunity!!!

So presently I have half a kitchen, a sore body, but a great enthusiasm to get the wall down!  Hubby took the time to ensure that this is not a load bearing wall, but even that being said, we've agreed to dissect the wall in pieces rather than take a sledge hammer and crowbar to it.  We don't know all the electrical layout, so we plan on taking it slow and safe!

Once the wall is down, the easy part is over.  Then we put our plumbing hats on.  So that's where we're at!  Hopefully my next blog will read 'the wall is gone'!!!!  And the house is still standing!  Take care ...

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