Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Baby Seed Hatcher! AKA Growing Shelves!

I'm so excited!  I know it's crazy, but I have Spring in my heart!  I think this is in part because my seeds are ordered and I'm reading a wonderful gardening book that a friend gave me for my Birthday!!! 

Lets first start with the seeds.  Well thanks to the Vege Guru, we decided to split costs, seeds and got together to have a vege garden discussion.  I think I learned a TON from that chin wag!!!!  Thank you Vege Guru!  You are a true inspiration!!!  So now I am in the process of building an indoor Seed grower in order to be a good and wise steward of those baby seeds - planning on getting a head start again this year!!!!

So I read up on 'how to' do it yourself as the pre-made growing shelves are jolly expensive!!!!  $70 for one small light strip!!!!  And that's NOT a grow light!!!  So for a nonimal cost, I have planned my own and gone ahead and am presently building it.

Ace Hardware have a Gorilla Rack on sale $29 in their flyer this week, so that is my rack to hold the seedlings.  The dimentions are:  72"H x 34"W x 14"D.  There are 5 shelves, which translates into 4 seed growing areas.  Each shelf is topped with wood, so I have yet to attach my grow lights - from Wal-Mart.  24" strips at $10 per strip = $40 of lights.  A bargin if I say so myself!  I'm pretty chuffed with my economical buy!  You can use florescent lighting if you wanted to make it cheaper.  $2 cheaper per light at Wal-Mart.

I have yet to 'cover' the wood with some sort of laminated protection from water should it spill, and I still have a concern ... is the lighting sufficient to grow the seeds?  Or would 2 strips be better per shelf?

That being said, it's coming along nicely!  I guess time will tell!  My plan is to start planting the seeds early February.  When I get some photos up and running, I'll post them so you have a look too.

Spring isn't sprung,
The garden isn't riz,
All the vege gardeners,
Spring fever iz!

Happy baby seed hatching!  Love,  the Vegetable Garden Virgin!


  1. It sounds great. I'd do 2 strips per shelf. You want everything directly under the lights if at all possible. I can't wait to see it! Spring is coming soon!

  2. Decided to take your advice and go with 2 strips per shelf! Also keeping it in that location by the furnace to give it the warmth it needs! Thanks my friend ;) You're da bomb!