Saturday, May 23, 2009

The month of May!

Since I'm just a beginner at this whole blog thing, I'm thinking I'll start with a snap shot of May. The obvious milestone was that Cody turned 7 years old. Where the heck did the time go? I'm so thankful that I get to spend my days with him and enjoy his company! I wouldn't trade that for anything in the world. I am blessed and very thankful to hubby for his support and his great gift to me.

We're still waiting to hear from DSS to see if we are a match. Even thought we are waiting for our daughter, we are continuing on making the most of each day. It seems silly to put life on 'hold' when we could miss out on so much!!!!

It's been enjoyable having our hummers back - I do miss them when they go away south in the fall. And they talk to me at my kitchen window telling me all about their journey. Amazing little creatures! I still look out my kitchen window in absolute awe of them! And as go and come each year back to me, we actually have quite the friendship going on.

I didn't enjoy having my second molar out - ouch! Still in a lot of pain and it's been over a week since the torid event. Now what to do????? I have only 3 months in which to make up my mind. Implant or no implant - that is the question!

Pierre's been helping alot in the garden. We're going to expand the vege boxes later this year in preparation for next year. We've installed some new sprinklers that take great care of watering my veges, and also we're in the process of moving around some other sprinkler heads to maximize the watering of my fruit trees and other perennials around the edge of the lawn. I'm very lucky to have my own 'handy manny'!

We've been very busy with Homeschooling as normal. We are so blessed to have such a wonder ful group of friends! I'll blog another day about those special friendships, but needless to say, we enjoy meeting with our friends and playdates. The Nature Club went to Houghton's Pond this month. J taught the kids about tracking animals, identifying tracks, and how to walk appropriately around wildlife ... which Cody has been perfecting in the grocery store! With the weather being so accomodating this month, we've been able to get outside and get lots of work done and a lot of play in. Again, notice I said outside, the inside is desperately in need of some cleaning ... which I must do before tomorrow as we are having some friends over for Memorial Day for a BBQ and playdate.

This month has also been intensive in the garden - more vege than perennial, but in either case, the weeds don't care and seem to come up everywhere!!!

that's it for me and this blog ... hope it was a good kick off. The countdown is on before Cody and me head off for 2 weeks in Canada. Cody's wanting this computer for the Lego instructions for the Power Miners ... take care and will blog soon ... back to the sprinkler trenching ...


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