Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Week-end ...

Well, before I start, I just wanted to say a very big thank-you to those individuals and families that have fought so that we can live in a free land - I appreciate that for many the sacrifice was great. And the families who struggled while their loved ones/ones were away, thank-you too.

We were supposed to be in New Jersey this week-end and this week helping hardwood floor our friends hallway and stairs. But their sons operation was moved forward so we'll be rescheduling the week to NJ. Instead we trenched. Last week-end and this week-end we've been adding to the sprinkler system. PJ kindly reconfigured the sprinkler so that my vege garden gets it's own TLC, and now we're adding a new line for the lawn also. It's taken longer than we had hoped and it didn't help that I used my favourite pick-axe, which is great for trenching, and broke 2 existing pipes ... ooopppps!! So that delayed us, as we had to repair those pipes also. It looks like another week-end will see the job completed.

Memorial Day itself we had some friends over. The kids got to have their extended playdate, and the parents got to relax and hang. Cody calls them his 'squishy friends' and they play very well together. The food was great, the relaxation was enjoyed by all, the smores delicious (I didn't have one), and the company awesome! Thank you squishy friends!

As for friends, I am constantly thankful for the amazing friends I have bee so blessed to have in my life! It's not like the ones at work who are there because they are there and work where you work, it's the kind that choose to be with you and have similar interests. And it doesn't just stop with the kids, many are friendships which involve the families.

I definitely value the friendships I have with the mum's. The kind of friendships where you know you can just pick up the phone and call for help, knowing that you have a network of support ... and visa versa!!! The topics for conversation are wide open! We discuss everything from schooling, parenting, food, toxins, gardening, politics, fertility - you name it! The information I learn is amazing, and they constantly help me challenge the way I look at life and approach it!

That's it for now ... off to solar dry my clothes, cook food, clean up from the party and the list goes on ... and thanks to those out there who are my friends! You are very special to me and I just am very thankful each day that you are you and that you are in my life! Thank you ... Kiwi

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