Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Letter

Well, it's cuppa tea time! Go on, get a nice cuppa and then we'll chat!

Merry Christmas! Typically I write this letter every year, and have done now for many years - only this year will start my new format - my Christmas Letter will no longer be 'formal', it will be my blog. This way, I don't have the additional pressure to write a 'special' Christmas Letter to you all, but rather you can keep with with our families antics and we move along throughout the year! So welcome to my blogsite. You can 'bookmark' it if you like, or you can received my updates 'hot off the press' by requesting it ... just don't ask me how!!!

I'm not the world's most technologically savy person, but I can type! My ideal is to blog with photos, however, I'm still 'challenged' to get the photo from the camera to the blog .... work in progress ...

This year has zipped by. We kicked off the New Year in India with Pierre's family and we'll be ending this year with family and friends at our home for Christmas! Warm memories ...

Cody is now eating us out of house and home - he must have hollow legs ... and growing taller everyday it seems! He has a new passion in life - Karate. And, he's actually picking it up fast and is good at it. I enjoying watching him in class. His Karate School is very, very good. In fact his Karate teacher's husband has just last month returned with a gold medal from the Karate International Championship held in Italy. December 23rd is Cody's first Graduation at the school and he will be receiving his first Ranger Yellow belt. He's just as thrilled that his Amma will be coming especially to watch this 'mile stone' in his life!!!

Cody's year has been filled with school, friends, family, travel and lots of belly laughs! Love the belly laughs! We're still homeschooling and it works great with our family life.

Pierre is also doing well. He's truly been 'Bob the Builder' this year! Seems that most weekends are filled with projects around the home (money pit as he calls it!) We plan on redoing the kitchen early 2010 and maybe an addition out the back as well. That should be fun! As for work, the 'freeze' is slowly coming off for State Street, so we are hoping to see his promotion come this year. He's a saint really as he puts up with me and Cody. I like to say 'at least we keep your life interesting' :)

As for me. I'm also doing well. I feel blessed and stressed at the same time! Life is full. Our friends here are just the best and I am so thankful for each and every one of them. Schooling Cody is a large part of my day, but the school district here is supportive and I know that if I needed any assistance they would be there to help me too. So far that just hasn't been necessary as our homeschooling support system is phenomenal and once again, I feel very thankful and blessed!

Molly is loving being an only cat. She's a strange one and now is the apple of Cody's eye and (as I said before - strange) visa versa!!!! Who knew there was a loving friendly cat in there! Her fear threshold has changed dramatically and she is now the main resident in our home.

As for the rest, let me see. The veggie garden produced well this year. I still suck, but am learning and we are eating alot produce that we produce. This year I need to work more on harvesting and preserving .... we expanded greatly, so we're good to go for next year. The pool has been upgraded, so as our newly found 'fish' has a new swimming confidence and experience, it's going to work great! Look out Uncle Stewart - he's ready for you this time!!!!

Well that's it in a nutshell ... I'm only half way through my cuppa, but like I said, this blog site is mine and this is where you'll be able to keep up with me best. (That and facebook!) So farewell annual 'Christmas Letter' and welcome blog site!

From my family to yours, wishing you all a wonderfully special Christmas and all the best in the coming New Year!!!

Kiwi, Pierre and Cody

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